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Roof Jumper Dude

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Roof jumper dude
Standing up high
Aren't you aware
That you might die

Roof jumper dude
Why do you jump?
Is it because
You missed your lunch?

Roof jumper dude
Do you have kids?
What would they think
If they saw you like this?

Roof jumper dude
Are you on drugs?
If you come down,
We'll all give you hugs

Roof jumper dude
Bet you can fly
Why don't you jump
And give it a try?

Roof jumper dude
Now you are dead
I can't recognize
The shape of your head.


from Sit Stay Kill, released September 1, 2011




Orifice A Fort Collins, Colorado

Orifice A is a Colorado-based heavy psychotic irreverent power trio. Be careful, these maniacs will rot your brain!

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