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Sit Stay Kill

by Orifice A

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(free) 03:25


Recorded in The Womb, Chicago IL, December 2010 - February 2011


released September 1, 2011




Orifice A Fort Collins, Colorado

Orifice A is a Colorado-based heavy psychotic irreverent power trio. Be careful, these maniacs will rot your brain!

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Track Name: Harvest Day
Never once saw I
What's hovering my mind
They've come to steal my brain
Take it to the lab

Build a comfy cage
For the harvest day
Test it for the clap
Promiscuous brain

Test to make shampoo
It's silky and smooth
It's a sleek new fit
Thanks for my new mind
Track Name: Fire is my Only Friend
Jimmy - clean your room
Jimmy - grab the broom
Jimmy grabbed the gasoline
He'd rather burn it all than clean
Now Jimmy's nowhere to be seen

Fire is my Only Friend

Jimmy - he hates the Man
Jimmy - he has a plan
He took his matches downtown
Burned it all to the ground
Now Jimmy's nowhere to be found

Fire is my Only Friend

Jimmy - he hates the trees
Jimmy - he'll burn the bees
Jimmy wanted to expire
So he set himself on fire
Nothing else could get him higher

Fire is my Only Friend

Jimmy - he sniffs glue
Jimmy - he'll come for you
You'd better hide under your bed
Or soon you will be dead
Jimmy's fucked up in his head
Track Name: Roof Jumper Dude
Roof jumper dude
Standing up high
Aren't you aware
That you might die

Roof jumper dude
Why do you jump?
Is it because
You missed your lunch?

Roof jumper dude
Do you have kids?
What would they think
If they saw you like this?

Roof jumper dude
Are you on drugs?
If you come down,
We'll all give you hugs

Roof jumper dude
Bet you can fly
Why don't you jump
And give it a try?

Roof jumper dude
Now you are dead
I can't recognize
The shape of your head.
Track Name: Tongue is Black
I had a friend who would get high
And then one day I saw him die
His eyes rolled back inside his head
And now my goddamn friend is dead

My friend, he owed me twenty bucks
And so I had to dig him up
They buried him wearing his shoes
Which made them really hard to lose

But my friend's body was not there
It was of this I did not care
Inside his coffin I did lay
It's where I lived until this day

But rent is due and money's late
Panhandling has become my fate
My dead friend wants his coffin back
My friend he offered me some crack

My tongue is burnt and turning black
And now my eyes are rolling back...
Track Name: Warentology
He fits in my eye
He helps me see the light
Mister Hubbard, find my mind
And I don't have a dime
I left my soul in Vietnam
Took too many lives with an atom bomb

Mister Hubbard, help me find my legs
Share with me your wisdom
Help me wrap this noose around my head
I need to find Bin Laden
I need to bring him down
He'll be bleeding like a stuck pig laying in the center of this shithole town
Track Name: Abe Lincoln
My name's Abe Lincoln
Got shot in the head
My name's Abe Lincoln
Now I'm dead

My name's Abe Lincoln
I freed the slaves
My name's Abe Lincoln
Now I've got scabies

My name's Abe Lincoln
President of the United States
My name's Abe Lincoln
Now I've got AIDS
Track Name: Don't Sit on my Bread
Don't sit on my bread
I'm makin' grilled cheese
Don't sit on my bread
All buttered and sweet

I burnt my grilled cheese
I burnt my grilled cheese
Now what'll I eat?

Don't sneeze on my eggs
I'm bakin' a cake
Don't sneeze on my eggs
'cuz it's my birthday

You ruined my cake
You ruined my cake
Now what'll I eat?

Don't fuck with my steak
It's medium rare
Don't fuck with my steak
There's A1 on there

Overcooked my steak
Overcooked my steak
I left it on too long
Now what'll I eat?
Track Name: Sit Dog Sit
I had a dog
He would not sit
I said, "Sit dog."
"Sit dog, sit."

My dog had fleas
They would bite me
I said, "Hey, fleas;"
"Just get off me."

My dog would bark
And he would bite
Shock collar dog
That'll teach him right

My dog got sick
We put him down
Now my sick dog
Lives in the ground

Now my dog's dead
But he'll still fetch
My zombie dog
Chews up my shoes
Track Name: Dead Hooker
There's a dead hooker under my bed
She smells dirty and her lipstick is red
There's a dead hooker under my bed
I looked at her and here's what she said:

Need 20 to feed my child
I'll do you dirty I'll do you wild
Formula is expensive you see
To the alley I'll be on my knees
I'm lookin' at you I'm begging you please
There's just one problem - I got a disease

Daddy never taught me 'bout the birds and the bees
Sex education just wasn't for me

My throat is closing and my body is old
My eyes are glassy and they're covered in mold
My flesh is rotting and my body is stale
Sell my dead body for a life that I failed
If I were living I'd be locked up in jail
I'm in an alley, cops close on my trail

And you can find me in the city dump
Turned over, rotten meat on my rump
And through the garbage, I'm starting to cry
These fucking maggots are eating my eye!

My stomach's churning and it's filling with pus
It's overflowing and it's turning to crust
Nobody loves me, cuz I'm just a whore
I'm fertilizer, you can't use me no more
Track Name: On the Edge of Sanity
A red killer-whale is chasing the tail of the dog that is wagging itself
Into oblivion - scary, but it's not so dark if you look like an elf

I've gone Mad
I'm Insane
It's not Bad
Can't Complain

Spam and green eggs are slurping the dregs of the coffee you ground up in May
The turtles are restless, the swallows are nestless, the skunk is beginning to spray

I've gone Mad
I'm Insane
It's not Bad
Can't Complain

The slime of the season's begining to reason it might as well take a day off
He looks at you meekly and then utters bleakly a laugh that's disguised as a cough

I've gone Mad
I'm Insane
It's not Bad
Can't Complain

The cockroaches skuttle and they ask you what'll you do if they try to invade
A notion of lotion down under the ocean of potion to fend off their raid

I've gone Mad
I'm Insane
It's not Bad
Can't Complain
Track Name: The Goodness of Jim Jones
If you need a friend
I'll be your friend
If you need a father
I'll be your father
If you need a savior
I'll be your savior
If you need a God
I'll be your God

You've gotta help yourself
Cuz there's no-one to help you
There's only one way to glory
And that's within you.
Burn the bible
The paper idol
There's no heaven up there
So let's make one down here

Shut your mouth
Drink the Coolaid